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Innexus Consulting

Founded in 2002 and located its headquarter in Singapore, Innexus Consulting is in the business of development of customized software solutions for clients. Our clients covers many fields and industries, involving telecommunications, banking, education, property, chemical, pharmaceutical, media industries and many Singapore government departments.

Our products include SMS System, Sales Analysis Report, e-Newsletter, Reward platform and the list goes on. We provide professional Business Process Outsourcing based on your company’s needs. Innexus has a series of successful on-going outsourcing relationships, and has deployed a wide range of software solutions for various customers in Singapore, Malaysia, China, US, Brazil etc...

The Malaysia office in Kuala Lumpur provide 24-hour transnational online support for Asian clients with professional knowledge. They are polyglots who are well-versed in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese.

Our young and enthusiatic team in Suzhou, China provide design and development support for a wide variety of projects.

Standard Chartered Bank
SPH Magazines
Borneo Motors
Corruption Practice Investigation Board
Fuji Electric
Singapura Finance